Investment Update

JAN 2018


Your FP/CM Newsletter – 4Q17

MAUREEN MATAMOROS, MSM/MBA, Financial Planning Advisor


Think the FAFSA is not for you? You may want to reconsider!


One of the big misconceptions in the financial world is that if you are a high-income earner or a high-asset family, you should not bother to submit the FAFSA (*Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for your college-age children. There are three principal reasons why this is not true:

First and foremost, even if you do not qualify for need-based aid, some independent grant programs and
many colleges and universities will not consider your child for merit-based scholarships unless you have
submitted a FAFSA.


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“In the short-term, it is possible to make a lot of money from an advisor’s poor process — or lose a lot from a perfect one. Our clients look to us for a good process with a focus on the long-term. Smart investors recognize these differences before they commit wealth.”


— Aaron Cohen, President